Horde of the Dragon Queen: Play by Script

This campaign will be played by logic rules in combat, and by email-submitted party leader choices out of combat. Each chapter of the adventure will be further abstracted into a strategic minigame, with known goals, rewards, and mechanics. I am also going to experiment with having a party leader that is chosen based on character skills, attributes, and achievements, rather than by player selection.

The focus of the campaign will be combat encounters. The PHB denotes exploration, social interaction, and combat as the three pillars of adventure. A pox on this silly trifecta! Our three pillars will be character design, scripted combat logic, and vicarious badassery. We will ignore the fourth pillar, egregious peenstroking, for now.

Scripting Example – Here you can see some examples of how your rules might be interpreted as part of combat.

Horde of the Dragon Queen - Play by Script

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